Customer can avail from us Sorbitan Monostearate Sms, which is also known as synthetic wax. It is used as an emulsifier when mixed with oil and water. As a reliable manufacturer, exporter, and supplier in India, we ensure that our White Flakes Cream Sorbitan Monostearate is precisely formulated as per the industrial requirement of the client. It is widely used as metal machining fluid, whitener, and brightener in leather industry. It is well-known for its dispersing and wetting properties and finds extensive application in cosmetic, food, and plastic industries. In the global market Sorbitan is also known as “Spans” and in European Union, it is acclaimed as food additive.

We can offer this Sorbitan Monostearate Sms in 25 to 50 Kg HDPE Bag, as per the requirement of the customers, as we have the huge stock of this product in the market. It is suggested to keep the material in cool and dark place, away from sunlight. With superior quality product and safe packaging, we match the needs of industries such as Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Animal Nutrition, Emulsifiers, and others. Melting point of this product is up to 50-55 and moisture content is up to 2%.

Product Data:

Product : WCI-SMS-60
HS Code : 29157090
CAS No. : 1338-41-6
Origin : Vegetable

Appearance : Cream to white
Form : Powder/Flakes
Acid Value : 10 Max.
Hydroxyl Value : 235-260 Max.
HLB Value : 4.7
SAP Value : 147-157
Moisture : 2% Max.
Melting Point : 50-55

# Food
# Silicone Emulsion
# Cosmetics
# Pharmaceuticals
# Synthetic Resin Internal Lubrication
# Emulsifier for Pigment
# Animal Nutrition
# Raw Material for Mfg. of Polysorbate-60/Polyxylene-60

Packing & Storage:
# 25/50 Kg HDPE Bag
# The Material Should Store in Cool & Dry Place away from Sunlight.