We provide Silicone Defoamer which is polymers with the base of silicone backbones. Established among the top notch manufacturers of the domain, we make sure that our product serves as the best quality oil or water based emulsion. To form this kind of Defoamer, we use high grade silicone compound wherein hydrophobic silica is dispersed in the silicone oil. Further, the emulsifier is added to assure rapid spreading of silicone that helps in the development good quality foaming medium. We can also blend silicone glycols and various other modified silicone fluids as per the requirement of the customers. Customers can avail Silicone Defoamer from us in huge quantity and at competitive prices.

Our Heavy Duty Silicone Antifoams are used for putting down surface foam and release the captured air. As a supplier and exporter in Ankleshwar, India, we are able to supply bulk quantity of Silicone Based Defoamer in HDPE Drum of up to 200kg. The Defoamer is suitable to be used in pigment, polymer, agro chemicals, pharmaceutical, textile, and various other industries. These Silicone Antifoams are stable in hard water and thus soluble in both hard and cold water. Non-iconic in nature, these Silicone Based Defoamers are suitable for oil refining and crude oil.

Product Data:

Product : WCI-SIDI
HS Code : 34021110
Origin : Silicone Emulsion

Appearance : White Viscous Fluid
Chemical Nature : Silicone Emulsion
Ionic Nature : Non-Ionic
Specific Gravity : 0.98+/-0.01
PH : 7-7.5
Solid Content : 10%, 20%, 30% ± 0.5
Stability : Stable with hard water, Acid & Alkali Condition
Solubility : Dispersible in hard and soft water

# Sugar Industries/Distilleries
# Pigment
# Polymer
# Textile
# Leather
# Pharmaceuticals
# Agrochemicals
# Food Manufacturing Unit
# Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing Unit
# It’s used as solving problem of Foaming in various Industries

Packing & Storage:
# 200 Kg HDPE Drum
# The Material Should Store in Cool & Dry Place away from Sunlight.