Polyethylene Glycol & Stearate

We provide Polyethylene Glycol Stearate which is the precise blend of Polyethylene Glycol Stearate and free glycols along with marcogols. This inorganic compound has molecular formula of C20H40O3. With this compound, we serve the needs of varied industries engaged in manufacturing products such as hair conditioners, shampoo, skin lotions, and various other personal care products. According to the study, it has no oral toxicity and has high level of tolerance among cattle.

Being a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in Ankleshwar in India, we strive our best to meet the end to end requirement of the clients. A subsequent test of mutagenicity has also been carried out to acknowledge its side effects, however, nothing of the sort has been found and thus this product is completely safe to be used in various types of personal care products

We provide Peg Di Mono Oleate, which is a specialty chemical used as surfactant and cleansing agent. It is also used as viscosity controllers and thus widely demanded in the market. This compound has liquid appearance with the acid value up to 5. Peg Di Mono Oleate is used an emulsifier and water treatment industry. It is also used as processing aid in textile industry, depending upon the requirement of the clients.

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WCI-PDO Di Oleates