Glycerol Stearates & Oleates

Being a quality destined organization, we have merged as an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Glycerol Oleates. In addition, we also produce Glycerol Stearates. It is a natural fatty compound, which has varied usage as an emulsifier, moisturizer, emollient, emulsion stabilizer and viscosity enhancer in lotions and creams. In the filed of cosmetics, it find it usage as a pearlizing and opacifying agent. The compound has its origin from animal source, plant or is synthetically produced, which is biodegradable, non-toxic and causes no skin problem at all. The compound is highly dispersible in water and soluble in alcohol and oil, which makes a best-suited ingredient for cosmetics. Moreover, it has several usage in food industry, and used as preservative to keep bakery goods fresh and improve the flour quality. The glycerol part of glycerol stearates can be derived from animals fat, vegetable source and petroleum, and used as solvent as it balances the desired moisture level content.

We keep a tight look on the industrial changes and make sure to work as per the prevailing market trends. Importantly, quality testing are done on regular basis, which ensures the optimal productive worth of the aforementioned compounds. This is how, the company promises to serve customers with quality products, meeting their varied requirement.

Brand Name Chemical Name Download
WCI-GMO Glycerol Mono Oleate
WCI-GMS-SE Glycerol Mono Stearate-Self Emulsifying Grade
WCI-GMS-NSE Glycerol Mono Stearate- Non Self Emulsifying Grade
WCI-GMP Glycerol Mono Palmitate
WCI-GML Glycerol Mono Laurate
WCI-DMG Distilled Mono Glyceride
WCI-MDG-60 Mono DiGlyceride-60