Driven by qualitative values, we have emerged as a trusted Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Glycerol Monostearate Gms. It is an organic compound, widely used as an emulsifier. Moreover, it is sweet-tasting, orderless and colorless powder, hygroscopic in nature. In general, it is a glycerol ester of stearic acid. This molecule occurs naturally in body as a residual product after the breakdown of fat and is also found in fatty foods. As a food additive, GMS is used as an anti-caking and preservative agent along-with other uses in emulsifying and thickening. It is known for its varied usage and cosmetics and hair care products.

We process Sorbitan Ester For Chocolate Industries as per international quality standards, and are appreciated for accurate compositions, purity and cost-effective pricing. It is a viscous oily liquid and is amber colored. The acidic and HLB values floats around 7.5 Max and 8.6 respectively. All the products produced by us are tested on various quality parameters in order to ascertain their optimal productive worth in terms of effectiveness and purity. Importantly, the company strongly focuses on warehouse and packaging work, ensuing the safety and security of the compounds while transporting them from one place to another.

Product Data:
Product : WCI-GMS–NSE
HS-CODE : 29157030
CAS No. : 123-94-4
Origin : Vegetable

Appearance : White to Creamish
Form : Powder / Flakes
Acid Value : 3 Max.
Iodine Value : 3 Max.
Glycerine % : 3 Max.
SAP Value : 155-170
Moisture : 2% Max.
Melting Point : 58-62
Mono Glyceride : 40% Min.

# Food
# Pharmaceuticals
# Cosmetics
# Plastic
# Textile

Packing & Storage:

# 25/50 Kg Net HDPE Bag
# The Material Should Store in Cool & Dry Place away from Sunlight.