We are an eminent Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier of Glycerol Monopalmitate Gmp, which is white in appearance and available in the form of flakes. Both, the Iodine and Acidic value floats around 3 Max. the SAP value and Moisture content of Glycerol Monopalmitate is 185 and 1% maximum. Some of the major application of this compound lies in personal care, cosmetics, lubrication and toiletries. We make sure to store our products in a cool and dry place, and pack them in HDPE bags. Our other products comes in the form of Sorbitan Monooleate, which is an emulsifier and surfactants, usually used in cosmetic and foods. It is a synthetic compound, which is yellow in color, soluble in water and viscous. It is derived from oleic acid and polyethoxylated sorbitan. In this compound, polyethers are the hydrophilic groups. This compound is widely used for medical & laboratory purposes, beauty use, food use and many more.

Right from the production work to final delivery of products, we make sure to carry each job in a precise way, resulting in productive outcomes. Importantly, we work as per international quality standards while processing the compounds, ensuring their highly effective and safe properties. All the products are offered at cost-effective rates without compromising on quality.

Product Data:
Product : WCI-GMP
CAS No. : 542-44-9
Origin : Vegetable

Appearance : White
Form : Flakes
Acid Value : 3 Max.
Iodine Value : 3 Max.
Mono Glyceride : 40 Min.
SAP Value : 175-185
Moisture : 1% Max.
Melting Point : 57
Mono Glyceride : 40% Min

# Lubrication
# Personal Care
# Cosmetics
# Toiletries

Packing & Storage:

# 25/50 Kg HDPE Bag
# The Material Should Store in Cool & Dry Place away from Sunlight.