Director Message

World Chem Industries Established In 2006 Year, The Company started & running successfully on The Vision of Mr.Bhimashankar Patil and The Management of Mr.Prajyot Patil..

World Chem are Preoared to Evaluate New Paths to Develop Innovative Products. Permanent Optimization and the Application of the Newest Technologies Increases Our Performance

  • Manufacture of high-quality and high-added-value products
  • Simplicity and transparency of business relations
  • Absolute flexibility dominated by customers needs
  • Long-term partnership and personal relations
  • Fulfilling orders duly and timely
  • Technical and qualified expertise of our workers
  • Technical support to our customers
  • Constant research leading to innovations
  • Integration of quality, health and safety
  • Environmental responsibility


I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all World Chem Group customers and business partners, for their ongoing support over a long period of 14 years.
We have achieved growth by mixing, kneading, coating, stretching a broad range of organic and inorganic materials to create new functions and values in various business domains to meet the needs of industries in different times. The world is now facing unprecedented turmoil and economic stagnation caused by the spread of COVID-19. What we need to do in this global emergency is to continuously create new functions using our long-accumulated materials technologies to help the world. I believe, regardless of the times, contributing to society through providing these functions and values gives our existence significance.
With our new company name World Chem Industries Pvt Ltd & World Chem Organic Pvt Ltd a member of the World Chem Group. We are now on a clear path to transform into a solution provider addressing all types of challenges, from advanced materials to processes and technical services, by combining our ability to identify real market needs in cooperation with our customers and wide-ranging materials-based technology platforms with World Chem Group's sophisticated materials technologies built up since its founding.
The new name “World Chem Industries Pvt Ltd represents our determination to follow this new path as we aim to develop into a one-stop, advanced materials partner providing the best solutions to the challenges facing our customers and markets by offering new functions and values derived from advanced materials.
While efforts to overcome the novel coronavirus are accelerating around the world, technological innovations Meanwhile, global initiatives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals are moving forward with the aim of addressing global challenges, including environmental issues that threaten our planet, to create a sustainable world. We, as World Chem Group, will strive to contribute to society as "the global-top-class manufacturer of functional chemical materials/products" that continues to create new functions meeting the needs of the times through the development of advanced technologies. We deeply appreciate our Customers' continued support and understanding as we undertake these endeavors.


Doing the right thing is critical to how World Chem operates, which means ethical business conduct in all things. This underpins our vision of being the most valued chemical and ingredient Manufacturer in the world. By incorporating our guiding principles and cultural values, the way we should all act as One World Chem Industries and helps us remain accountable by sharing the Company’s expectations. Be sure to take a moment and review this important material so that you can live our cultural values and work in a manner I want every employee to know what to do when a difficult situation arises and not hesitate to stop and question it. We are the ones who make World Chem a place that demonstrates the Company’s commitment to ethical business. Always remember that as World Chem Industries, we do what we say and we do the right thing—it is truly the responsibility of each of us to continue this pledge.