We are an eminent Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Antifoam Polyol Fatty Acid Ester, which has its origin from Fatty Acid and Glycol Ester. Its appearance is Brown to Amber Liquid, having the chemical nature in the form of Polyol Fatty Acid Ester. Moreover, the Acid value falls under 10 and the Dispersibility in water is around 10%, Milky White Emulsion. The Antifoam Polyol Fatty Acid Ester finds varied application in Leather, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing Unit, Sugar Industries/Distilleries and many more. As a quality destined organization, we make sure to produce the aforementioned products as per prevailing market trends, following all the requisite guidelines of international standards.

Right from the manufacturing to packaging to final delivery, all the job works are being carried out in a precise way, keeping the optimal productive worth of Fatty Acid Ester intact. A defoamer or antifoam is formulated of polyhydric alcohol fatty acid ester and polyether surfactant. Further, the polyether surfactant is blended with polyhydric alcohol fatty acid in a ration, which ranges from 10:90 to 90:10% on the basis of weight. The company works as per the latest scientific developments and focuses on upgrading the products from time to time.

Product Data:
Product : WCI-Antifoam
Origin : Glycol & Fatty Acid Ester


Appearance : Amber to Brown Liquid
Chemical Nature : Polyol Fatty Acid Ester
Acid Value : 10 Max.
Dispersibility In Water 10% : Milky White Emulsion
PH 5% Emulsion : 5-8
Solid Content : 90 to 95 Min.

# Sugar Industries/Distilleries
# Pigment
# Polymer
# Textile
# Leather
# Pharmaceuticals
# Agrochemicals
# Food Manufacturing Unit
# Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing Unit
# Its used as solving problem of Foaming in various Industries

Packing & Storage:

# 200 Kg HDPE Drum
# The Material Should Store in Cool & Dry Place away from Sunlight.