Antifoam & Defoamer

Antifoam Defoamer is an anti-foaming agent, which is a chemical additive helping in the reduction and hindrance in the processing of foam in industry process liquids. Most commonly used agents includes polydimethylsiloxanes and other silicones, insoluble oils, stearates, several alcohols and glycols. These additives are used in order to bar the formation of foam and also added the foam which is already created. As an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Silicone Defoamer, we have gained immense acknowledgment form the marketplace. We preform quality tests on regular basis, which ensures the optimal productive worth of products such as Sulphonated Castor Oil.

The use of Antifoam Defoamer is very wide as in industrial processing, foam causes serious trouble, resulting in defects on surface coatings. Further, they also bars the proper fillings of containers, wherein the use of Antifoam Agent comes into play. In order to prevent the formation of foams, variety of chemical formulation such as Silicone Defoamer can be used. Usually, defoamer is not soluble in the foaming medium and has good surface active characteristics. The striking features of a Defoamer is the facility to spread smoothly on foamy surfaces and has very low viscosity. We make sure to store and pack our products as per industrial norms, keeping the safety and security measures intact.

Brand Name Chemical Name Download
WCI-Antifoam Antifoam, Polyol Fatty Acid Esters
WCI-SIDI Silicone Defoamer
WCI-TRO Turkey Red Oil, Sulphonated Castor Oil
CAPB Coco Amido Propyl Betaine